Saloon (E90) (รหัส: 9781741105704)

ราคาเดิม: 856.00 EUR
ราคา: 47.60 EUR
รวมภาษี 19 % บวก การจัดส่ง
1 pcs. - 10 pcs. 47.60 EUR / pcs.
11 pcs. - 100 pcs. 42.84 EUR / pcs.
101 pcs. - 1000 pcs. 40.46 EUR / pcs.
น้ำหนัก: 1500 Kg
Doors: 5
Power (hp): 170

The saloon (sedan) model of the 3 series was the first model sold of the 5th generation BMW 3 series. Debuting in the US in 2006, the E90 came in two trims, the 325i/x and 330i/x models. Later, the US E90 received an engine boost with the debuts of the 2007 328i/x and 335i/x models.
BMW released an M3 variant of the E90 saloon for the 2008 model year. The M3 features the same V8 Engine as the Coupe. It separated itself from the standard E90 by utilizing the E92 coupe's front fascia.

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